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breaking point

“Dear audience, even though it’s not Christmas Eve
and we are not in Nuremberg and
nor are we ballet dancers ... We are
to tell you the story of the Nutcracker and the Mouse King.
The five actresses - an aerialist, a dancer, an opera singer and two actresses - begin the performance.
But as soon as they start, they reveal it’s complexity,
should be about: beauty? Nuts?
Mice and rats? Or about ableism? - What is
is that? And what does it have to do with the Nutcracker story?”


9th,13th,14th,21st March - 10th,11th April - 23rd,24th May - 15th June 2024 Ballhof Eins Hannover - DE

concept Alessandro Schiattarella
duration 60min c.a.
coreography Alessandro Schiattarella & performers
performers Victoria Antonova , Carmen Fuggis, Helene Krüger , Alrun Hofert , Gina Laskowski
dramaturgy Barbara Kantel
music Eugenio Fabiani - Tschaikovsky
light design Erik Sonnenfeld
costumes Sigi Colpe
set design Margarete Albinger
production Staatstheater Hannover and Festival Theaterformen
tour managment
premiere 9th March 2024

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