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A few months ago Alessandro and Fabian met on the street. Alessandro talked about his current piece in which he deals with masculinity, whereupon Fabian talked about a piece that he had also worked on many years ago. Differently socialised, they now take a look together at the question of how to deal with failure, how to relieve each other and their knee joints, and what it means to be 'good' as a man, as a human being.


25./26./27.10.2019 ROXY Birsfelden


concept Alessandro Schiattarella, Fabian Nichele
duration 20min
coreography Alessandro Schiattarella, Fabian Nichele
performers Alessandro Schiattarella, Fabian Nichele
dramaturgy -
music songs from Franco Battiato
light design Minna Heikkilä
costumes Giuna Nichele
set design -
production -
tour managment
premiere 25.October.2019, ROXY Birsfelden, CH

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