Alessandro Schiattarella (*1982 in Naples-Italy) graduated in 2000 from the Rudra Béjart School, Lausanne. During the next 15 years he worked with many internationally renowned dance companies, both free-lance and repertoire, such as (amongst others): Béjart Ballet Lausanne, Ballet Du Grand Theatre de Geneve, Konzert Theater Bern, EastWest Theater Company Sarajevo, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Da Motus Fribourg, Ballett Basel.

After his dance solo ALTROVE was performed in 2014 at the ROXY BIRSFELDEN, Alessandro was selected to present it on the outstanding international platform AEROWAVES TWENTY17. In 2015, he created his first full evening solo-piece: TELL ME WHERE IT IS which focuses on less visible disabilities from an autobiographical perspective. In 2017 he choreographed the inclusive group-piece STRANO, which questioned and challenged the topic of ‘normality' and bodily stereotypes among dancers. In 2018 he created ONE AT A TIME… in collaboration with Cie Beweggrund and 7 dancers with and without disability, highlighting important aspects relating to disability such as: interdependency, consent, curiosity/voyeurism and sexuality.

During his career Alessandro had found himself caught between being considered 'disabled' and 'normal', he now questions the use of any such category. Therefore, he began searching for new ways of expressing ‘inclusive identities’; his own and others. This led him to create a workshops about “inclusive practices”, which most recently he has been leading in India and South-Africa. In 2019 he will be artist in residence in South Africa with the support of ProHelvetia Johannesburg.

Alessandro holds a CA in Dance Science and he is currently a Master student in Fine Arts at the FHNW Basel.