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WORKSHOP inclusive practices & The Army of Love

Through this workshop, I would like to share practices on how to create an inclusive environment in which each participant is appreciated in its diversity, in order to raise awareness on the theme of inclusion. The workshop is for professionals and not, with and without disabilities.


6th November 2021 100 Ways to say we - Venice Architecture Biennale
21st September 2021 IntegrART Zurich - The Army of Love - Rethinking Structures
26th & 27th June 2021 The Army of Love @Shedhalle
14./15. February 2020 "The Army of Love" @ Neumarkt Zurich
26.February 2019 Kinesferadanza, Lima, Peru
28.November 2018 Unmute ArtsAbility Festival, Cape Town, SA
20.November 2018 Akshar School, Kolkata, India
19.November 2018 Pickle Factory, Kolkata, India
17.November 2018 Arts and Imphal, Imphal, India
3. December 2017 nATANDA Dance Theatre of Sri Lanka, Colombo, Sri Lanka
6.October 2017 Minus 5, Beirut, Lebanon
1.June 2017 Wildwuchs Festival, Basel, CH