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tell me where it is

This solo is the continuation of the previous work ALTROVE. Tell me where it is dived deeply in the topic of being a professional dancer and being affected by a rare neuromuscular disease. The fact of not fitting into a box placed me in a space in between; there I could explore new aesthetics and new qualities of movement, yet finding new strategies of an artistic expression. How is it possible to transform a boundary into a new possibility and a weakness into strength? By attempting to give an answer to these matters, Tell me where it is question, discuss and challenge the theme of less-visible disability.


13./22. July 2018 BRAVE Festival Wroclaw (Breslau) PL
19. May 2018 Festival der Multipolarkultur, Sommerblut, Köln
29.March 2017 Integrart, Tanzhaus Zurich, CH
22./23./24./26./27.November.2015 ROXY, Birsfelden, CH
10. October 2015 WORKS IN PROGRESS Dancehouse Lefkosia Nicosia, Zypern


concept Alessandro Schiattarella
duration 45 minutes c.a.
coreography Alessandro Schiattarella
performers Alessandro Schiattarella
music Bruno Raco
light design Minna Heikkilä
costumes Karen Petermann
set design -
production -
tour managment
premiere ROXY Birsfelden November 2015

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